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On Tuesday February 21, 28 students from Ankeny Southview Middle School participated in a Hack-a-thon with other students from Johnston, Dallas Center-Grimes, and Waukee. 

The Ankeny students provided business analytics for their teams, bringing with them their experiences in marketing and entrepreneurship.  Michael Mertz and Amy Akers were the host teachers for these students. With their peers from the other districts, each team worked with a professional client to create an original marketing plan utilizing Sphero bots, Android Apps, and web development.  All of this was completed in less than six hours, ending with a brief pitch to their client.  The students had a great day of networking and creating with everyone involved.  Businesses who participated this year were: Ankeny Alliance, Leaning Tower Pizza, Principal Financial, East Village Spa, Majestic Trucking, The Native Fund, Hawkeye Steele, Café X, Iowa Soybean Association, Restonic/Spring Air, DLR, Shift, and Integrity.  

The participating Ankeny students were: Ahmet Skrebo, Grant Ganpat, Ella Morris, Lucas Juhl, Maggie Vanderkamp, Abigail Gerth, Morgan Wessels, Mo Watson, Zack Iiams, Sam Belding, Gia Gast, Allen Brewer, Cade Davis, Sam Lee, Jae Swanepoel, Jerrod Downer, Morghan Hurst, Taylor Patterson, Kassi Brotherton, Acacia Biehl, Jaedon Wilber, Hannah Fenner, Josh Smith, Alicia Smith, Brooke Barbour, Nicole Dacus, and Ashley Harrington.