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Southview Students Excel in National French Contest

Congratulations to the level one and two French students from Southview Middle School who received national and state recognition for their outstanding performances on the 2017 Le Grand Concours (National French Contest). For this contest, students are evaluated on their written and listening comprehension skills in French.


“We had great success again this year at Southview and are so proud of all of the students who stepped up and voluntarily participated in this prestigious and rigorous contest, said French teacher Jae Dwyer.


Southview had 50 out of the 195 students studying French with teachers Emily Schoenberger and Jae Dwyer choose to compete in the contest. More than 78,000 students nationwide participate in the contest each year.


According to the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) president Catherine Danièlou, “French students who rank at the national, state or local levels in Le Grand Concours demonstrate a superior level of global responsibility, integrative cultural competence, language skills, and commitment to excellence and dedication. This contest allows them to prove their worth as responsible world citizens with multilingual capabilities. Le Grand Concours participants all embrace an appreciation for other cultures, strive to continually learn and improve, and value the study of French.”


Level One Contest Results

Khanh Vinh: 11th in nation and 9th in Iowa

Grace Barnes: 16th in nation and 14th in Iowa

Hannah Loftus and Kaylee Boudreaus: tied at 18th in nation and 16th in Iowa

Rachael Christman and Marika Kisgen: tied at 20th in nation and 18th in Iowa

Also placing in the top 20 of the state: Elizabeth Shanahan, Josh Patterson, Logan Johnson, Reid McMartic and Lucy Brooner 


Level Two Contest Results 

Grace Hagedorn and Madison Miller: 8th in nation and 5th in Iowa

Abby Jordan, Lauren Walters and Lydia Hill: 9th in nation and 6th in Iowa

Cierra Fillinger: 10th in nation and 7th in Iowa

Alex Oglesby and Kassidy Brotherton: 13th in nation and 10th in Iowa

Brooke Johnson: 16th in nation and 13th in Iowa

Also placing in the top 20 of the state: Zia Taue’etia, Payton Link, PeeBee Salonga, Karenna Petersen, Alyssa Argetsinger, Connor Goerndt, Connor Grau, and Tyler Ethridge.


French One Participants

Southview Level One Participants – first row L-R: Cade Salyers, Josh Patterson and Reid McMartin. Second row L-R: Elizabeth Shanahan, Kayla Brummer, Natalie Belieu, Marika Kisgen, Halle Wulfekuhle, Madison Krapfl, Lucy Brooner, Sophia Bailey, Khanh Vinh and Grace Barnes. Third row L-R: Hannah Loftus, Rachael Christmann, Kaylee Boudreaux, Emma Brotherton, Jack Rewerts, Nick Caraway, Alex Caraway, Jessica Ethridge, Madalehn Kingston and Brenna Johnson. Not pictured: Freshta Kammawie, Ryan Heller and Logan Johnson.

 Level One Top Ten

Level One Southview Top Ten -- Front Row L-R: Josh Patterson and Reid McMartin. Second Row L-R: Hannah Loftus, Rachael Christmann, Kaylee Boudreaux, Khanh Vinh, Nick Caraway, Jessica Ethridge, Sophia Bailey, Grace Barnes and Lucy Brooner. 

Level One National Certificates  

Southview Level One National Certificate Winners, L-R: Hannah Loftus, Kaylee Boudreaux, Khanh Vinh, and Grace Barnes. 


Level Two Participants

Southview Level Two Participants – front row, L-R: Payton Link, Morgan Waggoner, Peebee Salonga, Abby Jordan, Lydia Hill, Grace Hagedorn, Brooke Johnson, Karenna Petersen, Alex Oglesby. Second row, L-R: Chloe Kerby, Morghan Hurst, Connor Grau, Lauren Walters, Alyssa Argetsinger, Zack Iiams, Connor Goerndt, Cierra Fillinger, Crystal Hulling, Kassidy Brotherton, Madison Miller and Zia Taue’etia. Not pictured: Tyler Ethridge, Cam Wabeke and Abby Wirtz. 
Level Two Top Ten  

Southview Level Two Top Ten – front row, L-R: Alyssa Argetsinger, Peebee Salonga, Abby Jordan, Lauren Walters and Cierra Fillinger. Second Row, L-R: Payton Link, Connor Grau, Connor Goerndt, Lydia Hill, Grace Hagedorn, Brooke Johnson, Zia Taue’etia, Kassidy Brotherton, Karenna Petersen, Alex Oglesby and Madison Miller. 

 Level Two National Certificate Winners
Level Two National Certificate Winners – front row, L-R: Grace Hagedorn, Cierra Fillinger and Alex Oglesby. Second row, L-R: Abby Jordan, Lauren Walters, Lydia Hill, Brooke Johnson, Kassidy Brotherton and Madison Miller.
Level Two National Broze Medalists  
Southview Level Two National Bronze Medalists, L-R: Abby Jordan, Lauren Walters, Grace Hagedorn, Lydia Hill and Madison Miller.