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Virtual Reality

John Deere Check Presentation  

John Deere awards Parkview Middle School with $9,899 grant.
Front row: Tech Integrationist, Sandi Rankin; Teacher/Librarian, Lara Balk;
Assistant Principal, Carol Eddy; John Deere Representative, Julie Tigges.
Back row: John Deere Representatives Kate Ferree, Jeff McGill, Mark Madetzke,
and Parkview Middle School Principal, Jeff Schumacher.
ANKENY, Iowa (January 18,2017) – John Deere is helping advance the education of Parkview Middle School students with a John Deere Community Relations grant to support the use of virtual reality to enhance the learning experience. 


“I would like to thank John Deere for their generosity,” said Jeff Schumacher, Parkview Middle School Principal. “It is exciting to know we have community support with this important work that impacts our student learning.”


The $9,899 grant will be used for virtual reality (VR) goggles and cameras, which will enable students to experience languages, cultures, and artifacts as if they are actually there.


“We aspire to be a catalyst for positive change by empowering others through education, and developing our home communities,” said Jeff McGill, John Deere Donations Committee Chair. “John Deere Des Moines Works is proud to donate to Parkview Middle School."


John Deere’s Philanthropy

John Deere focuses their philanthropic efforts in these areas: 

  • Solutions for World Hunger – to transform under-resourced agricultural communities in developing countries through distinctive and sustainable solutions for world hunger focused on farmer training, value-chain enhancement, and water access and use.
  • Education – to invest in projects that provide inspiring, rewarding, and innovative educational experiences for both youth and adults, particularly in our home communities
  • Community Development – to create rich and diverse opportunities for community growth by supporting economic development, resiliency and safety programs, and community relations.