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Emergency Contact Information: Be sure yours is updated!

Should inclement weather or an emergency situation occur which would result in the closing of school, the school district will utilize a number of methods to notify parents and guardians. One of the most immediate ways is by utilizing the BlackboardConnect Parent Notification System. This system will only work, however, if the contact information given to the school by parents and guardians is accurate, up to date, and complete. If you have a change in address, e-mail or phone, it is imperative that you call the school and update your information right away.

Updating Your Information

In order to confirm that the information the district has on file for you is accurate, parents and guardians should login to Infinite Campus and review the contact information that we have, both for your family and for your emergency contact person(s). In addition, in Infinite Campus you have some options that you can control as to where you want to receive certain messages.

How Information is Used

You should be aware that especially for weather cancellations, the district will use your contact information in this way:

  • For early morning closings before school has started, the system will utilize the "high priority" contacts specified by parents in Infinite Campus.
  • For closings and early dismissals that occur during the day after school has already begun, the system will utilize all contact numbers and e-mails (which include emergency contacts) in Infinite Campus.

Other modes of communication include:

  • Website – Messages will be posted on the home page of the district website ( This message may also include more detailed information than can be included in the BlackboardConnect messages, so it is always a good idea to check the district website.
  • Television and Radio –The district will notify the following television and radio stations: KCCI Channel 8 (CBS), KDSM Channel 17 (FOX), WHO Channel 13 (NBC), WOI Channel 5 (ABC), KPSZ - 940 AM, WHO-1040 AM, KRNT-1350 AM, KXNO- 1460 AM, KIOA-93.3 FM, KDRB-100.3 FM, KSTZ - 102.5 FM, KAZR-103.3 FM, KLTI-104.1 FM, KPTL-106.3 FM, KISS-107.5 FM. Weather-related announcements may usually be heard on TV and radio station morning news.

Please plan for early dismissals and let your child know in advance what they should do if school closes early. If school is cancelled or dismissed early because of weather, all elementary activities will be cancelled. If classes at any school are cancelled or students dismissed early due to any emergency other than weather, activities will be cancelled or adjusted depending upon the emergency.