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Art Appreciation

Each year, Praire Trail fifth graders visit the Des Moines Art Center and the Pappajohn Sculpture Park.  Students enjoyed observing the art pieces, they noticed the one glove in Automat by Hopper, the oversized leaves in Birthplace of Herbert Hoover by Grant Wood, and the repeating hearts in Woman in White by Matisse.   Students were eager to share their thinking about the pieces. They interpreted art and assigned meaning to the pieces by telling a story or explaining the mood of the art. The fifth graders  were able to connect to pieces as well. They understood why the two children weren’t smiling in Sargent’s, Edouard, and Marie-Louise Pailleron because they had to sit still for well over 60 sittings! Kim Bingham, Prairie Trail’s art teacher said the students were surprised to find out that admission to the Art Center is free and that the exhibits change about every six months.  Many of the students plan to return to both places with their families.