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Math Olympiads

fourth grade students  
Fourth grade Math Olympiad team at Prairie Trail.
Ben Taylor, Sylivia Bartlett, Lucas Weathers,
Sophia Dautremont, and Tegan Budden. Lucas
Weathers was the overall winner for the contest
challenge. (View Larger)
Hannah Howard  
Hannah Howard was the overall winner
of the fifth grade Prairie Trail Math
Olympiad team. She scored in the
top 10% nationally.
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Fourth and fifth grade students in Tammi McLain's class participated in Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS).  MOEMS is an annual worldwide math competition that administers one test each month from November through March.  Tests are given at individual schools and results are sent to MOEMS for scoring.  There are two divisions, elementary and middle school. Elementary level problems are for grades 4-6 and middle school level problems are for grades 7-8, though 4-6 graders may participate in middle school problems.