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Northview Boys’ Basketball Players Give Back





Northview Boys’ Basketball Players Give Back

ANKENY, Iowa (February 16, 2016) – The Northview Middle School ninth grade boys’ basketball team is giving back to the community. Every Saturday for the past month, five to eight players have volunteered at Courage League Sports in Urbandale.

Courage League Sports is a non-profit organization that offers programs for adults and children who have physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities. Helping the Courage League Sports participants develop basketball skills has given the Ankeny players an opportunity to demonstrate leadership by serving as teammates and coaches. 

Head coach Cody Cooper realizes the importance of giving back and is working to pass on that message to his team. 

“They are taking time to show others how fun the game can be regardless of what challenges you may face,” Cooper said. “It’s important to get our students out there and feeling like they can make a difference in someone’s life. Through this program, I think they have been able to do that.”

Team members have enjoyed the experience as well. 

“The Courage League is a wonderful place for the kids and helpers. Courage League is great for the kids to go and learn and feel like they belong,” noted Northview ninth grade basketball player Liam Murphy. “The atmosphere all-around is great, the kids seem to have a great time and it’s fun to help.”