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Address a safety concern when you see it.

The Ankeny Community School District is rebranding the “See Something, Say Something” TIPS reporting to “See It. Hear It. Report It,” the TIPS Butterfly Effect.  Why the change? We hope this will empower students, staff, and the community to address a safety concern when they see it. The Butterfly Effect involves a single report of a concerning behavior, suspicious activity, or social media comment, no matter how small. That pre-incident indicator could be the piece of the puzzle that saves lives, reputations, bottom lines, and changes the world forever. 


Look for the Butterfly on the Ankeny Community School District website in the top right or on a mobile under Global Links.  When selecting the icon, you will be directed to the online reporting program.  Once the report is filled out, the information will be sent to the appropriate employees within the district.  Users can choose to leave their name or remain anonymous. 


Prevention begins with one person!  One small piece of information can make a world-changing and life-changing difference in our community.