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All-City Academic Tournament

Students from Ankeny's elementary and middle schools competed in the Second Annual City-Wide Academic Tournament at Southview Middle School.  Teams of four or five students answered questions regarding geography, history, science, literature, math, and pop culture.

Team Winners

Westwood - third-grade division

third grade


Ashland Ridge - fourth/fifth-grade division 



Parkview - sixth/seventh-grade division



Students also competed in the individual portion of the tournament,  while representing their elementary and middle schools.

Individual Winners

Third Grade:


  • First - Clayton Gardner
  • Second - Luke Gifford
  • Third - Sam Schacherer


Fourth/Fifth Grade:


  • First - James Lockie
  • Second - Owen Williams
  • Third: Kinley Kline


Sixth/Seventh Grade:


  • First - Allyson Sutton
  • Second - Evee Gade
  • Third - Evelyn Huegel


"I am very proud of these young students who competed in this year’s tournament," said Nathan Coombes, Ankeny Quiz Bowl coach.  "It shows there is a lot of growth and excitement for quiz bowl in Ankeny."