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Summer Chromebook Program Launched!

For the first year, the Ankeny Community School District encourages all 5th through 11th grade students to keep their school-issued Chromebook over the summer!  The move follows a successful 2016 pilot involving more than 300 families and will bring us one step closer to fulfilling our vision of “anytime, anywhere” learning.  Keeping the same device from year-to-year also promotes student ownership of devices and drastically reduces the amount of instructional time lost to collection and distribution of Chromebooks each year.


Students are encouraged to use their devices to pursue academic learning, hobbies, and other passions as long as those pursuits would be appropriate on a school-issued device.  Examples include computer coding, audio-visual production, reading, writing, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities.  High school students should also consider using summer months to research colleges and apply for scholarships.


Even if a student does not intend to use the device over the summer, we ask families to consider storing the device at home.  Doing so guarantees that the student will have access to their Chromebook on the very first day of school and avoids potential delays during student registration and schedule pick-up.  These devices do not require regular maintenance over the summer and can be safely stored on a shelf with the charger nearby.  Additional tips for using and/or storing a Chromebook will be sent home at the end of this year.


All Chromebooks will continue to be filtered according to local, state, and federal policies and will remain the property of Ankeny Schools.  Any damage to the devices will be repaired in the fall according to the current Technology Fine Schedule.  Although technical support is not available during the summer months, the district will maintain updates and FAQ’s on our district website at


A lost or stolen device or an unexpected move should be reported immediately.  Contact information for each school is listed on our lost/stolen device page.


No action is necessary to participate in the Summer Chromebook program.  We will simply verify that each student has the correct device at the end of this year and again when they return in the fall.


Students and families who choose not to keep their device over the summer may return the Opt-Out form to their current school.  This information will be used to establish collection windows at each building, and the same device will be returned to the student in the fall of 2017 if it is not at the end of its three-year cycle.


Thank you for considering these changes and for supporting our efforts to provide a seamless technology experience for all Ankeny students and families.  Please reach out to your building principal with any questions.