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Southview Students Earn National Recognition on French Exam

 French I top 10
Southview French I students receive recognition for the 81st Le Grand Concours (National French Contest).
Brooke Johnson, Alex Oglesby, Crystal Hulling, Cierra Filinger, Grace Hagedorn, Morgan Waggoner, Lauren Walters, Zack Iiams, Jaedon Wilber, Chloe Kerby and Ahmet Skrebo. (Not pictured: Azima Jureva)
 French II top ten
Southview French II students receive recognition for the 81st Le Grand Concours (National French Contest).
Catherine Hall, Aaron Hoang, Sharon Mamuya, Laurie Nahalea, Daphne Lindell, Madilyn Petersen, Paige Jacobsen, Jacob Becker, Austin Zwaschka and Victoria Harrison (Not pictured: Ellen DeWilde and Kathryn Wohlford)
ANKENY, Iowa (June 6, 2016) - Thirteen Southview Middle School students have received national recognition in the 81st Le Grand Concours (National French Contest).
Ninth grader Aaron Hoang and eighth grader Grace Hagedorn, earned bronze medals and National Laureate certificates. Hoang finished 16th in the nation and Hagedorn earned a 14th place finish.
National Certificates of Honor were awarded to eighth graders Brooke Johnson and Lauren Walters; ninth graders Victoria Harrison, Paige Jacobsen, Sharon Mamuya, Laurie Nahelea, Madilyn Peterson, Kathryn Wohlford, and Austin Zwaschka; twelfth graders Catherine Hall and Azima Juraeva.
State honors went to Hagedorn who placed fourth in Iowa, Jureva and Walters tied for eighth, Hoang placed ninth, and Johnson earned tenth place.
Le Grand Concours is a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF). Students were evaluated for their written, oral, and listening comprehension skills in French. More than 85,000 students in all 50 states competed in the 2016 event. Southview French teachers are Angela Worley and Jae Dwyer.
"French students who rank nationally in Le Grand Concours demonstrate a superior level of global responsibility, integrative cultural competence, language skills, and commitment to excellence and dedication," said Catherine Danièlou, AATF President.
For more information about the National French Contest, please visit: