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Preschool Playday

Ankeny Community Schools Preschool hosted the fourth annual Ankeny Young Athlete Play Day at Ankeny Centennial High School.    Sammons Financial Group once again sponsored this event which provided Special Olympics Iowa the opportunity to keep the program alive in the Ankeny Community.


Ankeny preschoolers (approximately 540 students) participated in 10 different activities including:
  • ball darts
  • ribbon routine
  • basketball shooting
  • soccer kick
  • standing long jump
  • tennis ball throw
  • batting
  • musical balance beam
  • 25-foot dash
  • ramp bowling

The Play Day began with a short opening ceremony. Students participated in groups and received a recognition card at each station for their accomplishments. After everyone completed the activities, each preschooler received an award ribbon for his/her achievements.