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Fifth Grade Reading Relays

Sixty-three teams competed to qualify in the fifth grade district Reading Relays competition, sixteen teams made it to the district-level competition at Westwood Elementary.  Teams competed in four rounds requiring them to answer questions about books they had read.  The final four teams all received medals and new books. The winning team, the Ashland Ridge Smart Cookies, will also keep a traveling trophy at Ashland Ridge for the year.

first place winners
First place: Ashland Ridge Smart Cookies – Pictured left to right – Kairie Call, Jillian Scroggs, Anna Sash, Addison Pollock (also pictured, Ashland Ridge Librarian, Amy Neville)

Second place
Second place: Prairie Trail Golden Eagles – Pictured left to right – Brenna Fast, Hannah Howard, Emerson Manus, Quentin Rognes (also pictured, Prairie Trail Librarian, Corissa Thompson)
Third place
Third place: Prairie Trail Star Readers – Pictured left to right – Paige Ford, Hayden DeWitt, Elizabeth Proctor, Grace Landmesser (also pictured, Prairie Trail Librarian, Corissa Thompson)
fourth place
Fourth place: Southeast Senators - Pictured left to right – Noah Yeager, Connor Kayser, Chase Ryburn, Charley Bagley (also pictured, Southeast Librarian, Jeffrey Glade)