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Ankeny Rebrands Alternative Learning Center

Summit logo


ANKENY, Iowa (July 24, 2018) – As education continues to change, the traditional path to graduation can be a challenge for some students.


That is where Summit comes in. This intensive, secondary, intervention program, previously known as the Alternative Learning Center (ALC), is intended for students who are at risk of not earning a high school diploma.  Students and teachers involved in the program collaborated to recommend the name “Summit.”     


“We have committed to all students in Ankeny that we will partner with them to postsecondary success,” said Dr. Bruce A. Kimpston, Ankeny School District Superintendent.  “Last year, I commissioned a task force to review our practices at the Alternative Learning Center and made recommendations for improvement. The new branding is part of our work to ensure these students feel part of the district and have a program to assist them with successful completion of their diploma.”


Summit has proven to help students who need extra support achieve that success.  In fact, the program celebrated a record-breaking 21 graduates in 2018!


Jeremy Braden, Summit’s new principal, has a passion for ensuring all students prosper and receive the best educational experience. Mr. Braden and the Summit team provide personalized education plans tailored to fit an individual’s educational needs and career interests.


"This is more than just a new name and logo," said Braden.  "We are giving our program an identity demonstrating to our community that we care about all students and want them to reach their summit."