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Board Considers Changes to Facility at Northview

ANKENY, Iowa (October 16, 2018) – At Monday’s board meeting, the Ankeny School District brought forward a draft timeline for the Board of Directors to consider regarding the facility space at Northview Middle School, currently being occupied by the Ankeny YMCA.


The space at Northview Middle School is currently being considered for the new, successful student program, Orbis. Orbis officially launched in August 2018 primarily focusing on two elective courses for high school students. These electives are the Orbis Project-Based Experiences where students partner with the workforce in solving real problems, and the Orbis Karl Business Academy, which provides an integrated approach to learning about all aspects of a large organization in the transportation industry.


Orbis began the year with nearly 60 students enrolled in both semesters and is projected to increase in numbers rapidly in the coming years. This innovative program needs space to grow and continue to serve our students.


This coupled with the damage sustained by the YMCA in the June flooding led the district to consider the long-range plan for this space. At Monday’s board meeting the district proposed a December 30, 2018 notice, which provides the YMCA with an 18-month notification beginning March 1, 2019 that the district will need the space to fulfill an instructional purpose as required under the 28E agreement. The district would then take possession of the facility September 1, 2020 with construction to repurpose the space completed by the fall of 2021.


The Ankeny Board of Education will consider the proposal for a vote on November 19, 2018.


“We are always glad to collaborate with community organizations and would like to celebrate the partnership with the Ankeny YMCA we have enjoyed for many years,” said Lori Lovstad, Board President.  “Our priority is to provide top-notch facilities that support educational programming. As we look to the future, we need to provide the facility space to support the programs advancing the way we need to look at a high school education. In fact, using this space for the Orbis program opens even more opportunities for us to partner with the community, as we provide students the ability to engage in authentic workplace experiences. We plan to work with the Ankeny YMCA to make the transition seamless for both entities.”