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Ankeny Schools Wins the 2018 Values Driven Award of Excellence

ANKENY, Iowa (November 5, 2018) - Ankeny Community School District is the AdvancED Midwest Region’s recipient of the 2018 Values Driven Award of Excellence for the state of Iowa.  Ankeny was selected for modeling AdvancED values and consistently going above and beyond to ensure all learners realize their maximum potential.  


“Ankeny School’s has a rich history of pursuing excellence in academics, and the AdvancED accreditation is a demonstration of our commitment to rigor, both in the classroom and in the management of the district,” said Dr. Bruce A. Kimpston, Ankeny Superintendent. “I want to congratulate our district leadership team who all have a hand in achieving our accreditation and the 2018 Values Driven Award of Excellence.”


During their 2016 visit, AdvancED interviewed staff, parents, students, board members, and other key stakeholders along with reviewing documentation on the district's work. Specifically, the team examined the district's systems and processes related to the five AdvancED standards:

  • Vision and purpose,
  • Governance and leadership,
  • Teaching and learning,
  • Resource and support systems, and
  • Commitment to continuous improvement

In their exit report, the review team highlighted several "powerful practices" throughout the district. The team noted the district has created the "Ankeny Experience," which they described as a sustained reputation for excellence, high expectations, and support of students. The review team also noted the "powerful practices" of strategic resource utilization and the district's curriculum. They specifically noted the work done on the board-approved curriculum in the balanced literacy framework, which is not commonly seen in other school districts. These practices intersect in important areas. For example, one commendation was on the district's book rooms in K-12 to support literacy development and implementation throughout all levels of the organization.


Ankeny Community School District is reviewed every five years both by AdvancED and the Iowa Department of Education to renew its accreditation. Furthermore, Ankeny is one of only three school districts in the Des Moines metro area to be accredited by AdvancED.


The 2016 review team tasked Ankeny Schools with three required action steps, which included the areas of student assessments, strategic planning, and governance and leadership. The goals Ankeny is currently pursuing include:

  • Student assessments: Continued work on the use of rubrics in the evaluation process and professional development for instructional staff in the collection, interpretation, and analysis of data.
  • Mission and vision statement review: Implementing a regularly scheduled review of the district's mission with measurable outcomes.
  • Governance and Leadership: Continued work to clearly define roles for the Board of Education and district leadership that acknowledges and supports differing responsibilities for shared success.

Ankeny Schools is committed to meeting the needs of all learners. Standards-based practices grounded in the formative assessment process provide clarity in what each student knows, understands, and can do, as measured against the curriculum. Such clarity empowers educators to respond with targeted instruction, which ultimately results in improved student learning.