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District Earns Gold Star Rating

ANKENY, Iowa (December 5, 2018) - Ankeny Community Schools has received a Gold Star rating from the Iowa Department of Education (IDoE) for Student Reporting.  This rating recognizes the district’s excellent communication with the state on assessment results, demographic data, finance reports, annual progress, and other data points.


Student Reporting in Iowa is the IDoE's initiative to reduce data burden, encourage better decision making by establishing and maintaining a cost effective method of accessing and transferring accurate and timely education information among school districts, postsecondary institutions, and the IDoE.


Underlying principles of Student Reporting include a commitment toward reduction of paper-based state reporting, building on existing technologies available, a commitment toward the elimination of paper-based college transcripts, the adoption of a common basis for information exchange, and greater security of confidential student information.


“Maintaining accurate records is fundamental for accountability and professional responsibility,” said Dr. Bruce A. Kimpston, Ankeny Schools Superintendent.  “We are committed to providing gold star levels of communication and dissemination of information in all areas of the work throughout the district.”