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All Ankeny Academic Tournament

Parkview team

Parkview first place team

From left to right: Andrew Hulme, Jack Roby, Evan Spence, David Wang and Quentin Rognes.


Prairie Ridge team

Prairie Ridge second place team

From left to right: Noah Hook, Austin Hook and Ty Walker.


 Ashland Ridge team

Ashland Ridge first place team

From left to right: Madeline Dowell, Lauren Harmon, Marleigh Munger and Ethan Mosdal.


 Crocker team

Crocker second place team

From left to right: Jackson Rittgers, Nolan Gentry, William Simmonds and Anders Repp not pictured.


ANKENY, Iowa (February 5, 2019) - Southview Middle School hosted Ankeny’s first city-wide academic quiz bowl tournament.  The competition consisted of eight middle school teams in grades 6-7 and 17 teams at the elementary level in grades 3-5.


In the middle school division, a team from Parkview placed first and a team from Prairie Ridge took second.  At the elementary level, a team from Ashland Ridge won first place and a team from Crocker scored second place. 


“It was a wonderful opportunity to introduce quiz bowl to students who have never participated in an academic event like this before,” said Nathan Coombes, event organizer and coach of AHS and Southview quiz bowl teams.


The tournament comprised 20 toss-up questions about the following subjects: math, geography, government, sports, spelling, science, literature and English.