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Three Qualify for World Science Competition

ANKENY, Iowa (April 12, 2019) - Three Northview students qualified to represent Iowa in the 2019 Science World Fair in Atlanta, Georgia this summer.


Ninth graders Eli Peterson, Eric Hou, and Thomas Brustkern competed in the Science Championship in Kansas City.  The three students were invited to compete in the qualifier after taking an online quiz in AELP (Ankeny Extended Learning Program) class using an innovative digital format comparing millions of students across the world.  In Kansas City, Peterson, Hou, and Brustkern were three of top players in their grade and earned the opportunity to compete for the championship this June.


The competitions involve both written and buzzer-based questions.  The questions cover every subdiscipline of science and math, with the content becoming progressively more challenging as participants advance in the competition.