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AHS Students Place in National Exams


Several Ankeny High School Spanish students were recognized for their achievement on the National Spanish Exam.  Thirty students in three levels were tested in early April.
Level V
Renee Ruvalcaba - silver medal nationally and second in the state
Brianna Lyons - honorable mention
Level IV
Marianna Elia - gold medal nationally and first in the state
Corinne Beltrame - bronze medal and fifth in the state
Level III
Cole Dingman - honorable mention
The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese administers the test each year to high school students.
Ankeny High School teachers Jeff Brix, Jane Lamfers, and Jillian Anderson said that the results are a reflection of the students’ dedication to learning another language in a quality school system.


This year 42 of the 120 students studying French at Ankeny High School with teacher Angela Worley Petersen signed up to take “Le Grand Concours”, the National French Exam. 
More than 16,000 students nationally take the level three annual exam which includes listening, reading, and grammar.
Level Three
Aaron Hoang ranked in the 90th percentile and received a silver medal, ranked 11th nationally, and third in the state
Austin Zwaschka ranked in the 80th percentile and received a bronze medal, ranked 16th nationally, and 8th in the state
Paige Jacobsen ranked in the 75th percentile and received a bronze medal, ranked 18th nationally, and tenth in the state
Students receiving honorable mentions in addition to top 20 in the state include:
Abigail Jordahl (11th), Victoria Harrison (11th), Alexis Slack (14th), Madilyn Peterson (17th), Emma Hill (18th), and Kennidy Moeller (18th)
Students placing in the top 20 in the state are:
Emily Herrick (19th), Preston Shives (19th), Sharon Mamuya (19th), Alexandria Muchori (20th), and Daphne Lindell (20th)
Level Four
Anna Senneff competed with over 10,000 students nationally taking the level four exam and will receive a national honorable mention and 11th place in the state of Iowa. Marie Beecham placed in the top 20 in Iowa ranking 18th place.
Level Five
Level five seniors Nadine Quibell and Alex Austin placed 8th and 10th in Iowa.  Nadine will also receive a national honorable mention. Level five students who scored in the top 20 in Iowa include: Amy Wu (11th), Naomi Hill (12th), Jackson Shiek (13th), Hannah Zadeh (14th), Lillian Jones (16th) and Ian Zwaschka (18th).
Congratulations to all French students who took this challenging exam!