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Both Ankeny High Schools Ranked America's Best

ANKENY, Iowa (November 7, 2019) - Both Ankeny High Schools are named two of the top 5,000 best STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) high schools in America. 


Newsweek partnered with to create the list ranking Ankeny Centennial High School at 1,692 and Ankeny High School at 1,699.  The schools on the list offer students STEM experiences, as defined by the Congressional Research Service, while preparing them for post‐secondary outcomes.  The schools also have skilled teachers who keep up with developments in STEM fields and create dynamic learning environments to engage their students.


"Children don’t realize it, but they’re natural STEM students," said Nancy Cooper, Newsweek Global Editor in Chief.  "We need to make sure that innate drive, curiosity, and creativity aren’t lost along the way. These high schools are helping to ensure America’s future in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is in good hands."


The full list of 5,000 top STEM high schools is available on