Elementary 11 Bond Referendum Considerations

Posted by Ankeny Community School District on 1/16/2018

The Ankeny Board of Education will put forth a bond referendum to voters on February 6.  If approved, the bond would provide $18 million to design, build, furnish and improve the site of a new elementary school.  Ankeny’s enrollment has grown an average of 400 students for the past five years, yet despite this rapid growth, the Board has pushed back changing boundary lines as long as possible.  In fact, students who are currently in third grade will be the first group of students in more than a decade to go through their entire elementary education without a boundary line change.


With more than 11,500 students in the Ankeny Community School District, we are nearing the point that changes will need to be made in order to accommodate students and ensure a premiere learning environment.  Despite passage or failure of the elementary 11 bond referendum, the district will need to change boundary lines beginning with the 2020-2021 school year.   


Actually, more students will likely change schools in the event of the bond failing than with passage, since the district will go from a ten elementary configuration to nine elementary buildings with Terrace becoming a centralized preschool building in 2020-2021.


The bond referendum on February 6 requires a 60% super-majority “yes” vote in order to pass. If passed, construction of the school will begin fall 2018 and be completed by August 2020.