An Overview of the Ankeny K-3, 2:1 Initiative

Posted by Anne Lundquist on 3/27/2019

Keeping up with evolving technology is essential to success in today’s world. At Ankeny Schools, we are committed to ensuring every learner’s ability to grow alongside technology. We believe the key to a successful relationship with technology begins by introducing and nurturing technical skills in kindergarten through grade three (K-3).

Male student works on a Chromebook device

The Ankeny “K-3, 2:1 Initiative” began implementation in early 2019 and is based on the same principles as the 1:1 Initiative, but with a few key differences. Under the 1:1 Initiative, each student in fourth through twelfth grade receives their own Google Chromebook device. In the K-3, 2:1 Initiative, however, two K-3 students share one Chromebook device. 


When deciding upon the implementation of the K-3, 2:1 Initiative, Ankeny’s technology professionals took into consideration the developmental stages of children at various ages. Children are heavily involved in group work at the K-3 level and are learning concepts through an interactive, hands-on approach. Sharing a device between two students fosters collaboration, promotes communication, and encourages respect.


The convertible aspect of the Chromebook allows for seamless transition between laptop and tablet mode. This adaptability is perfect for small children to start with the touch screen, develop usage skills, and finally progress to the keyboard when ready. Having a touch screen is important at the K-3 level because it ensures easy navigation. There is no need to search for lettered keys and no heavy focus placed on advanced spelling or reading.


All in all, the Chromebook fits perfectly with the ideas behind the K-3, 2:1 Initiative. At its core, the device is built to be fully shareable because information is stored on the cloud instead of on the device. As a result, multiple users are able to sign in and access personal files, documents, settings, and more on the same device.


The goal of Ankeny Schools’ K-3, 2:1 Initiative is to create more empowered and self-directed learners. We are confident this effort will develop and enhance the technical skills of young learners, which will be invaluable, as technology continues to evolve in the years to come.