1004.40 Fees for Use of District Facilities

Community groups and organizations may be allowed to use District facilities. Fees will be determined based upon the appropriate classification. Renters will follow Facility Use Handbook, which includes insurance coverage requirements.  Rental charges begn when the renter enters the building.

  1. Class I – No rental fees shall be charged to the following groups for qualifying activities serving District residents. A refundable damage deposit and additional staff hires may be required. The contractual and financial liabilities of this policy remain in effect for all groups. These groups are listed below in their order of priority for scheduling approvals:
    • District affiliated organizations – including, but not limited to, PTO, Booster Clubs, Alumni Association, and Community Education Advisory Council.
    • Single event usage by City of Ankeny or Polk County governmental units.
    • Local youth service groups (for meetings only) – including, but not limited to, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, 4-H, Campfire.
  2. Class II – Minimal rental fees shall be charged to resident* non-profit and service organizations. A refundable damage deposit will be required and additional staff hires may be required. These groups shall be formally organized and recognized as charitable groups (501(c)3 qualified). Class II groups shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    • Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce.
    • Sports teams of predominantly resident youths or adults not scheduled by City Parks and Recreation Department.
    • Civic and community organizations.
    • Local youth service and activity groups (for events other than meetingss) including, but not limited to:  Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Campfire, AVBA, Little League, Jr. Football, Jr. Wrestling.

Special events categorized as Class II may include the following: admission fees, sporting events, banquets and food.

The Chamber of Commerce, Heartland AEA, DMACC, and approved community service groups may be exempt from charges for rental of District space for free public service activities as long as no admission fees are charged, no meals are served, no indoor sports occur, and no fundraising takes place.

Class II fees are not to exceed the Class III rate.
3. Class III – Rental rates will be charged for Class III groups having a private, but resident basis for District facility rental. Class IV rental rates will apply to private-for-profit events or fundraising purposes. Profit-making rental requests will include financial statements and documentation needed for the Superintendent/designee to review to establish rates to be charged for a specific rental.
A refundable deposit will be required and additional costs which are listed in the fee schdule may apply.  Restrictions  may apply to the use of certain facilities. Class III groups shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    • Business entities located within or paying property taxes to the District.
    • Churches or religious organizations located within District boundaries.
    • Private individuals or groups based within the District boundaries.
    • DMACC and Faith Baptist Bible College.
    • Heartland AEA (For courses in which fees are charged.)
4. Class IV – Non-resident groups and resident requests for a private-for-profit, non-routine fundraising, or unusual nature shall be permitted to rent facilities only with specific approval by the Superintendent/designee, at which time the fees shall be set. Generally, Class IV fees shall exceed established Class III fees for the same facility.  A refundable damage deposit will be required and additional costs which are listed in the fee schedule may apply.
Class IV and “unusual requests” must be approved by the Superintendent/designee.
5. Class V consists of partnering programs repeated use and long-term lease arrangements.
  • The District will enter into lease agreements for use of District facilities only upon approval by the Board.  The District has specified authority to separately lease rooms at 406 SW School Street according to procedures approved by the Board.
  •  By agreement, the City shall pay to the School District the sum of $3,600 per gymnasium utilized by the City, currently valued at $72,000 annually, in the form of 12 equal monthly payments, to help defray the cost to maintain school facilities  used by the City for its Parks and Recreation Department activities.

*Resident: For group reservations, a resident is defined as a group with the preponderance of its participants who are Ankeny Community School District residents and the contract signee must be a resident of the Ankeny Community School District.

Ankeny Community School District reserves the right to move, postpone, or cancel a renter’s contract due to unforeseen circumstances. Ankeny Community School District also reserves the right to deny any facility request that would potentially put District infrastructure at risk.

Cross Reference:

802.41 Use of District Property & Equipment

1000.00 Statement of Guiding Principles

1004.50 Community Use of District Facilities

Facility Use Handbook


R.R. 1004.40

Fee Schedule For Facility Use
Ankeny School District Residents
Effective Date July 01, 2019

Class II
  •  All Rentable Spaces                                                                                              $35.00/Hour
Class III
  • In addition to the following, staff hires may be required at an hourly rate:
A. High Schools                                                                                           Room Rates
1. Gymnasium                                                                                       Large Gym 1060.00

                                                                                                                     Small Gym   560.00
2. Auditorium -750 capacity                                                                                       610.00

  •  Lighting and/or sound may requires additional staff/designee at an hourly rate.

3. Lunchroom                                                                                                                  480.00
4. Large Lecture Halls/Study Hall Rooms                                                             180.00
5. Vocal Music Room                                                                                                     280.00
6. Classroom                                                                                                                      35.00
7. Outdoor Facilities

  • Football Field-artificial turf                                                                          1060.00
  • Parking Lot (partial fee pro-rated for portion of lot)                            560.00
  • ACHS Practice Field                                                                                       30.00/Hour

B. Northview Middle School

1. Gymnasium                                                                                          Large Gym    860.00
                                                                                                                      Small Gym    330.00
2. Auditorium - 549 capacity                                                                                        380.00

  • Lighting and/or sound may requires additional staff/designee at an hourly rate.

3. Lunchroom                                                                                                                   280.00
4. Large Lecture Halls/Study Hall Rooms                                                                85.00
5. Vocal Music Room                                                                                                        155.00
6. Classroom                                                                                                                         35.00
7. Outdoor Facilities

  • Parking Lot (partial fee pro rated for portion of lot)                             330.00
  • Practice Field                                                                                                     30.00/Hour

C. Southview Middle School


1. Gymnasium                                                                                          Large Gym    860.00
                                                                                                                       Small Gym    330.00

2. Lunchroom                                                                                                                    280.00
3. Large Lecture Halls/Study Hall Rooms                                                                 85.00
4. Vocal Music Room                                                                                                      155.00
5. Classroom                                                                                                                       35.00
6. Outdoor Facilities

  • Practice Field                                                                                            30.00/Hour
  • Track                                                                                                                       430.00
  • Parking Lot (partial fee pro rated for portion of lot)                            330.00

D. Parkview and Prairie Ridge Middle Schools

1. Gymnasium                                                                                                                 280.00
2. Lunchroom                                                                                                                    230.00
3. Parkview Performance Center                                                                               180.00
4. Media Center                                                                                                                  90.00
5. Vocal Music Room                                                                                                         90.00

6. Classroom                                                                                                                       35.00
7. Outdoor Athletic Facilities

  • Football Field                                                                                                       30.00/hour
  • Track                                                                                                                        30.00/hour
  • Tennis Courts                                                                                                      230.00

E. Elementary Schools

1. Gymnasium                                                                                                                    85.00
2. Lunchroom                                                                                                                    60.00
3. Media Center                                                                                                                 60.00
4. Classroom                                                                                                                      35.00


F.  Neveln Building


1. Lunchroom                                                                                                                    60.00 (4 Hours)
2. Lunchroom with Expansion                                                                                    120.00 (4 Hours)
3. Multipurpose Room                                                                                                       60.00 (4 Hours)

District spaces not listed are unavailable for rent.


District spaces not listed are unavailable for rent.


Additional Class III Costs

**Gym use requires a custodial hire


  1. A utility fee of $15/hr to $30/hr depending on the space rented will be assessed at a rate of 2 hours or more.
  2. Reservations involving public participation exceeding 50 persons will require custodial staffing and/or hired security.  Staff and/or security hires are at District discretion and billable to the renter.
  3. An additional fee may be charged by the Community Education Department for supervisory services by a District employee (athletic department personnel, custodial or maintenance staff, uniformed security officer, or other) as necessary.
  4. When it is necessary to open or close partition walls or movable panels, a fee of $30 will be charged for each approved open or closing procedure. A fee of $55 for the usage of secondary building partition walls will be charged. Only trained personnel are authorized to move these partitions. District and municipal rentals are exempt from this fee.
A refundable $100 deposit is required for hard keys, proxy cards and damage deposits.
Class IV - Costs are 40% above Class III.                                                                                                                                   
Class V - Costs are based on long-term lease arrangements as referenced in policy.


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