1004.50 Community Use of District Facilities

District facilities may be made available to promote cultural, educational, civic, community, or recreational activities. “Entity(ies)” will include organizations, groups and individuals and their agents. Any District employee using District-owned property or facilities for a use outside their duties as an employee is doing so as a renter, and not as a District employee. All renters will follow Policy 1004.40 Fees for Use of District Facilities when using District property and/or equipment. Such use will be permitted only when the use does not interfere with or disrupt the educational program or a school-related activity, the use is consistent with state law, and will end no later than, 10:00 PM, unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent/ designee. On rare occasion, the District may permit the use of District equipment. Typically a custodial hire is required when using District equipment. The District reserves the right to deny use of the facilities and equipment to an entity.


Entities that use District buildings, equipment or sites must leave the building, equipment or site in the same condition it was in prior to its use. Inappropriate use of District facilities and equipment may result in additional fees charged to, or the inability of, the entity to use District facilities or equipment in the future.


It is the responsibility of the Superintendent/designee to develop a fee schedule for the Board’s approval and to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

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Cross Reference: 

406.30 Hazardous Chemical Disclosure

802.41 Use of District Property and Equipment

902.10 Use of Tobacco at School Facilities

1004.40 Fees for Use of District Facilities


 R.R.1 - 1004.50
Determining and Allowing Use of District Facilities
  1. All requests for the use of District facilities will be submitted to the Superintendent /designee.
  2. The Community Engagement Department will:
    1. Confirm availability on the building calendar and act upon the request following the established policies.
    2. Establish that proper activities will be carried on which will not cause damage to facilities or equipment.
    3. Clear all non-routine or questionable requests for facility usage with the Superintendent/designee.
  3. Permission granted for facility usage by the Community Engagement Department will be made in writing through the signing of a contract with the representative of the group making the request.  A refundable damage deposit and additional staff hires may be required and will be noted in the contract.
  4. Two copies of the signed contract will be required; one to be retained by the Community Engagement Department and one for the renter.


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R.R.2 - 1004.50:
Regulations for Indoor and Outdoor Community Group Usage

The Community Engagement Department/designee will collect, in full, the rental fee at time of contract signing for Class III and IV groups unless otherwise arranged by the Community Engagement Department. Class II groups will be billed through the Community Engagement Department after the date of facility use.

There may be a cancellation fee of 20% (except for classrooms) or a minimum of $25, if notification is given less than two weeks prior to the event.

  1. The group representative is responsible for the facility to be left in the same condition as it was upon entering and will be responsible for all regulations as specified within the District facilities rental contract.
  2. Indoor throwing of baseballs or softballs by renters is strictly prohibited. Baseballs and softballs designed for indoor use may be used for special events with permission from the Community Engagement Department.

Donations or other improvements to District property shall be made in accordance with Board Policy 802.70 Gifts, Donations, Grants, and Bequests.


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R.R.3 - 1004.50:
Use of Outside Green Spaces

The publicly owned and maintained green spaces of the District are generally available for community use when such use does not conflict with District programs or interfere with the maintenance, site improvement plans, or other needs of the District.

The District requires and expects safe and responsible use of the green spaces . The user group is responsible for safe and equitable use of green spaces. A first-come, first-served protocol is in effect, and organized teams are expected to occupy a field or diamond space for no more than one (1) hour when another group is waiting for the same green space.

User groups are responsible for leaving green spaces in at least the same playable condition as when they arrived. Litter, garments, equipment, and other items brought to the outdoor facility should be properly and promptly removed.

Donations or other improvements to District property are possible but only by advanced acceptance of the District and only with the understanding that such improvements are the permanent property of the District which will administer no special privileges to the donor.

By State statute, the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is illegal in or on property controlled by the District. By Board Policy #902.10 Use of Tobacco at School Facilities, smoking is not allowed in or on any District facility and grounds, including District vehicles. Motorized vehicles are prohibited from non-paved outdoor District facilities/green spaces, except when authorized. Such non-District usage requires written, specific authorization by the Community Engagement Department.


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R.R.4 - 1004.50: 
Group Usage of District Facilities

A. Group representative will be the first inside the facility and the last to leave, making sure the facility is left in the same condition as it was upon entering.

  1. The group using the facility must have at least one adult present during the time the facility is being used.
  2. For youth functions such as dances or birthday parties, the sponsor must provide at least one adult chaperone per 10 students.

B. Group representative will be responsible for following all regulations for facility. The group representative will, as necessary, inform the group of all regulations, enforce these regulations, or call law enforcement or District officials for emergency assistance.

  1. The facility space must be used solely for the purpose it was originally intended as set forth with the Community Engagement Department at time of contract signing.
  2. When gymnasiums or multi-purpose rooms are used, the only activities permitted are those which would normally be termed as indoor activities. Activities that are normally outdoor activities (such as golfing, roller blading, soccer, throwing baseballs or softballs) are routinely prohibited.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in public school District buildings and/or on District grounds (Policy #902.10 Use of Tobacco at School Functions)
  4. There will be no alcoholic liquors or beverages, or drugs brought to or consumed in the District building or on District grounds. (Policy #502.20 Tobacco Products, Alcohol, Drugs)
  5. No beverages or foods are to be brought into the facility unless previously approved by the Community Engagement Department . Food and drinks are only permitted in the lunchroom. Great care must be exercised when using these items.
  6. All debris and garbage must be picked up by the renter and placed in outdoor dumpsters.

C. Group representative assumes financial responsibility individually and on behalf of the organization being represented for any part of the facility or contents made available therein that may be damaged or stolen during the hours the building was in use by the organization.

D. Group representative will be liable for any and all losses, damages, or injuries sustained by any person due to the negligence of the renter. The group representative is responsible for proper management of parking, building, and crowd control with special regard for safety and capacity limits. The group representative will indemnify and hold harmless the District from any and all losses, damages, or injuries. The group may be denied future facility usage in the event of group abuse of usage privileges.

E. In the event of inclement weather, the group representative is responsible to coordinate all notifications of any postponements or cancellations.  This includes contacting the Community Engagement Department prior to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday so that doors may be appropriately programmed. If snow removal is needed outside of school hours, then the group is responsible to prepare clean, safe access for evening, weekend or holiday usage.

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