1004.70 Online Fundraising Campaigns-Crowdfunding

The Ankeny Community School District Board of Education will not approve Crowdfunding campaigns initiated by District employees and/or volunteers on behalf of the building or District.  Therefore, employees and/or volunteers are prohibited from setting up sites to raise funds including, but not limited to District activities, programs, equipment or academics.  The District does allow fund raising consistent with Policy 503.06 Student Fund Raising. 


For purposes of this policy, note that fundraisers that have been approved consistent with the fundraising policy, may use an online payment option.  Using an online payment option is different than crowd-funding.  Any online payment mechanism utilized as part of the fundraising campaign should be reviewed.  The fundraising company or entity must assume responsibility for providing the security of credit card information, bank routing information, email addresses, phone numbers, and any other personal information exchanged in the transaction.  This is not the responsibility of the District.  Parents/community that participates in the fundraiser must have this information in the campaign materials. Money earned through an online payment option must be remitted to building or District accounts using the established protocols in the business office. 



Legal Reference:                

Iowa Code §§ 279.8; 279.42; 565.6.


Cross Reference:                

505.30 Public Gifts to the Schools
503.06 Student Fund Raising
807.01 Memorials for Deceased Students or Staff
1003.20 Gifts to Unit Personnel
1004.60 Community Fund Raising
1004.21 Advertising and Promotion


Adopted:     October 17, 2016

Reviewed:   September 18, 2017   

Revised:     September 18, 2017