505.02 Student Retention and Promotion

The object of retention or promotion practices in the District shall be to place the student in an environment where continued support and maximum development will occur. The parent/guardian shall be informed as soon as possible when the teacher and principal are recommending retentionor promotion of a student.

The following is meant to be a guide for student retention/promotion:

  1. The professional staff must collect information that will substantiate the retention or promotion of the student.
  2. Parental/guardian cooperation will be established well in advance. Parental/guardian approval is desired, but not mandatory.
  3. Any parent/guardian who is not satisfied with the decision of the teacher, principal, administrator, and Superintendent has the privilege of appearing before the Board showing evidence pertaining to the disagreement of the student’s retention or promotion.
  4. If a student is retained, an effort will be made to ensure that the student experience adifferent educational program unless the parents and principal agree otherwise.
Cross Reference:

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604.00 Interventions to Support Individual Student's Educational Improvement

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