606.06 Insufficient Classroom Space

Insufficient classroom space exists when conditions adversely affect the implementation of the educational philosophy, goals/objectives, and programs of the District. The Board of Education shall determine insufficient classroom space on a case by case basis. Criteria to be used by the Board in its determination may include, but not be limited to, available personnel, grade level, educational program, instructional method, physical space, equipment and materials available, finances available, facilities either being planned or currently under construction, sharing agreements in force, bargaining agreements in force, and District goals and objectives.

While the District is growing, it will be the policy to reserve spaces to allow for additional resident students. Open enrollment students will receive consideration directed by the policy on open enrollment, transfers and student assignments. Building assignments for open enrollment students will be completed in July. Open enrolled students may be reassigned attendance centers on a yearly basis based on available space. The Board shall not hire additional staff or add space in order to accommodate open enrollment students. Ratios shall be maintained as required by policy and law, i.e. special education students.
Legal References: Iowa Code §§282.18

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