805.30 Student Records

The Superintendent/designee shall cause to have initiated and maintained a complete individual permanent record for each student. The Superintendent/designee shall be responsible for the care and custody of all student records. All student records are to be preserved either in original form, microfilm, a computer scanned image, or electronically.

Student Records
Permanent record (evidence of attendance and educational progress, serves as an official transcript, contains other data for use in planning to meet student needs, and provides data for official school and school district reports, etc.)

Permanently Electronic

Cumulative record ( courses taken, scholastic progress, school attendance, physical and health record, experiences, interests, aptitudes, attitudes, abilities, honors, extracurricular activities, part-time employment, and future plans, etc.)

2 years beyond graduation (or after transferred) Electronic

Medicaid Files and claims Permanently Electronic: after 2 years/Paper for 2 years

Profiles and grade books Permanently Electronic

SES reports 10 years Paper

SPED counts 10 years Paper


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