900.00 - Parent Reunification

During school emergencies, it is understandable that parents want to quickly be unified with their children. The Ankeny Community School District will work to reunify parents and students as quickly and safely as possible. It is the District’s intent to keep students safely inside the school building; unless it is determined that evacuations and/or relocation protocol is necessary to mitigate the situation. Parents will be informed and reunited with their children as soon as it is safe to do so. Parents should not go to the school during an emergency because it can actually impede emergency efforts. Reunification is only allowed at the designated location. The Superintendent/designee will develop rules and regulations for implementation of this policy.
April 19, 2010

February 10, 2010
October 19, 2015 

October 19, 2015

R.R. for Policy #900.00

Parent Reunification
  1. School Premises During an Emergency:
Schools have developed procedures for reunification during school hours and activities. School is not automatically canceled during an emergency situation. Schools may remain open and may be a safe place for students. Parent/Guardian will be notified via the District's website, media stations, including available communication channels parents/guardians have signed up to receive-cell phones, email, etc. about school closings. 
  1. District Staff During an Emergency:
District staff are trained to maintain a safe and normal environment for children within the school during an emergency. District staff will receive training during the year and are expected to assist the District during an emergency situation. District staff are obligated to follow emergency protocols.
  1. Parental/ Legal Guardian Responsibilities During an Emergency:
  • In the event of an emergency, parents/guardians are encouraged NOT to initially respond to the school. Parents/Guardians can block traffic and impede response by local fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical and other agencies. Parents/Guardians can also exacerbate a situation by going to the school during shelter-in-place, and other evacuation procedures.
  • Designate individuals that have authority to pick up your child.
    • Annually parents are asked to designate emergency contacts for students for illness, inclement weather, etc. Only parents/guardians or the designated emergency contact will have authority to pick up the child in the event of an emergency.   Consider who, other than a parent/guardian, may be authorized to pick up a child if the parent/guardian is unavailable. List someone that could have access to your student within a 30 minute time frame. For security reasons, no phone authorizations will be accepted.
  • Cooperate with safety and District officials.
  • Wait for notification of how and when to respond. This notification will come via the District’s website, local media stations, including available communication channels parents/guardians have signed up to receive – cell phones, email, etc. 
  • Location(s) of reunification sites will be announced. While schools have established near and far site evacuation locations, the reunification site may change depending on the emergency.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate proper identification at the reunification site. Schools will also ask for identification when the child is released to one(s) mentioned in the permission note. 
October 19, 2015 
October 19, 2015 
900F Emergency Management Form

Annually the Ankeny Community School District requests that parents/legal guardians designate an emergency contact other than the parent/legal guardian for emergencies. This emergency contact is entered into the District’s student information system.  The District has developed Emergency Management Guidelines which set forth protocol in case of a large-scale emergency such as a chemical spill, school intruder, terrorism, etc.  In that case, students may be evacuated to a designated reunification site and released to parents/guardians.  Parents/Guardians may designate an emergency contact different from the one designated in the demographic information.  Please review the emergency contact designated on your demographic form. If you choose to designate an alternative emergency contact for District-wide and/or reunification emergencies, please indicate the name of the person on this form and submit this information.

Recommendation: The emergency contact should be within thirty minutes from the school.

The emergency contact information designated in the student’s demographic information will be used in a District-wide emergency and/or reunification emergency unless listed differently below. 

If you would like to add a contact in the event the District-wide and/or reunification emergency plan is implemented, please provide the contact’s information below.

Please Print Name of Emergency Contact___________________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________ Telephone: ______________


Email: ____________________________________


Please Print Parent/Guardian Name:_____________________________________


Signature _______________________________________________________


Date _____________________