Ankeny High School Peer Tutoring

AHS is looking for students with Open Campus/study halls who are interested in volunteering their time one-two days a week to help peers complete homework, study for tests/quizzes, and work on projects. Currently, we are offering this tutoring specifically for all classes in Math and Science. If you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the area in which you would like to tutor (Math or Science), please consider seeing your guidance counselor to begin the process and training for being a peer tutor. 

In addition to earning Silver Cord hours, peer tutoring is a great way to build a resume for scholarship applications (schools are looking for much more than just good grades! Leadership, service hours, community involvement go a long way!) and build experiences in peer tutoring, as many colleges pay peer tutors!
  • Contact: AHS Guidance Counselors