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  • Volunteering in Ankeny

    Thank you for seeking the opportunity to volunteer within the Ankeny Community School District. Applying to volunteer is a two- step process. Please note, our security procedures for volunteering have changed.

    STEP 1: EVERY YEAR / EVERY SCHOOL – The VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK must be signed, and on file at each school you plan to volunteer. The Volunteer Information includes:

      • Volunteer information
      • Volunteer Objectives
      • Certification of Compliance 
      • Statement of Confidentiality
  • STEP 2: EVERY 5 YEARS – A background check for volunteering within the Ankeny School District is required every 5 years. Background checks can no longer be printed. This document must be completed online. Please allow 2 weeks for processing background checks.

      • If you are unsure of the date of your last background check for volunteering, you will need to contact the secretary at the school you plan to volunteer.*
      • If you have had a background check within the last 5 years only complete step 1
      • If you have never volunteered, or it has been more than 5 years since your last background check. Click on the icon below: “Secure Volunteer”.
      • NOTE: Secure Volunteer will not process a background check if you have one on file with Ankeny Schools dated within the past 5 years. You will receive a rejection/denial email.