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April 20, 2022

Community Feedback: DEI Framework, Strategic Plan, & Profile of a Graduate

Throughout the winter, planning teams throughout the district have been working hard to reimagine how our district might improve how we are serving the needs of our students. Teams of parents, community members, teachers, and administrators created the district’s Strategic Plan, defined Ankeny’s Profile of a Graduate, and developed the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Framework. We hope for these three guiding documents to serve as an anchor for all the district’s work, which is why such a large, diverse group of community and staff members are working together to create these plans.

Please view an overview of the three guiding documents and their connection here.

Strategic Plan:

The first of these three key initiatives is the Strategic Plan. As you know, our district is currently engaged in the process of updating our strategic plan, the vision, and the goals that will guide the Ankeny Community School District over the next three to five years. This fall, the Core Planning Team of students, parents, community members, and staff developed a draft strategic plan framework. Action Teams, consisting of staff, parents, and community members, established action plans, which are now included in the overall strategic plan. The culminating plans led to three main pillars of work (please view the plans below): 

  1. Pillar One: Rigorous and Relevant Academics
  2. Pillar Two: Talented People
  3. Pillar Three: Supportive Environments


Following a review of the above DRAFT documents, please utilize the form below to provide feedback on the DRAFT Strategic Plan.

DEI Framework:

The DEI Framework will be a guiding set of principles, specific to Ankeny, with local priorities, definitions, and actions identified that will help Ankeny achieve its vision of equity and inclusion for all students. The Framework will help school staff and leaders ensure that initiatives undertaken within Ankeny schools are directed toward the achievement of core districts goals and aligned to the strategic plan. This draft plan is now available for public review and feedback.

DRAFT DEI Framework

Following a review of the above DRAFT document, please utilize the form below to provide feedback.

Ankeny’s Profile of a Graduate:

​​The Profile of a Graduate works together with the strategic plan and DEI framework to help us chart a path for the district’s future. Our strategic plan will be the guide that allows us to build the kind of district we hope to have. The DEI Framework will help us ensure all students have a high-quality educational experience. The profile of a graduate will serve as our district’s North Star, outlining the competencies and characteristics we collectively believe all of our students should have by the time they graduate from our district. This profile is also available for public review and feedback. 

DRAFT Profile of a Graduate

Following a review of the above DRAFT document, please utilize the form below to provide feedback.