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Support Our Schools

Looking for an opportunity to support Ankeny students?



There are several ways to get involved with Ankeny Community School District. We have them broken out into three categories: Resources • Expertise • Time. Please review the menus below and who to contact to contribute to the future of our students.


What opportunities are sharing RESOURCES?

Contact: Jessie Dirks

Contribute to student resources
Donate funds to the FUEL account, a school fund that helps pay off negative lunch balances, or any student related resource (i.e. band equipment, uniforms, etc).

Contribute online here.

Discounts and offers for district teachers and staff
Offer incentives, membership offers, and discounts for goods or services to the teachers and staff of Ankeny Schools. 

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Discounts and offers for students
Offer incentives, membership offers, and discounts for goods or services to the students of Ankeny Schools.

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In-kind donations
Donate non-monetary goods such as school supplies, food and refreshments, winter coats, conference meals, etc.

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Monetary donations
Donate money to the Ankeny Schools Foundation, which supports and enhances educational experiences that extend beyond regular budget limitations of the school system with an annual grant program for students, teachers, and school organizations. 

[dropdown title="ACSD Amazon smile"]Designate the Ankeny Community School District as your charitable recipient each time you shop through Amazon Smile.

Facilities for events
Host district meetings, professional development, school events, or other school-related activities at a metro-area place of business.

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What opportunities are sharing EXPERTISE?

Contacts: Amy Steenhoek / Erin VanDorin / Al Neppl / Jessie Dirks

Career awareness and exploration

Worksite tour: Introduce students to your business or organization through a worksite tour to gain a better understanding of the industry and the careers that exist there.

Career fairs: Host a booth that represents your organization and/or careers within the organization.

Career immersion: Provide an industry specific experience allowing for hands-on interaction through simulations and activities.

Informational interview: In person experts allow students to interview them about their career, pathway & connection to classroom content.

Job shadow: Provide students an observational short term (2-8 hours, unpaid) opportunity to be exposed to a career area of interest

After-school opportunities: Get involved in an after-school career exploration program for middle schoolers.

Classroom speaker: In person experts share their perspective on their career, pathway & connection to classroom content.

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Career preparation, training and professional development

Provide mock interviews: Provide opportunities for students to engage in practice interviews to further develop professional interview skills.

Workplace readiness simulation: Provide ongoing work tasks specific to your business or organization that can be completed within the school setting.

Provide an authentic project or challenge: (Orbis project based experience or authentic project for a classroom): Career exploration experience that engages industry partners through meaningful projects completed by students that connects curriculum to specific careers. Industry partners would interact with students throughout the duration of the project. 

Provide an internship: Provide a structured experience for a set period of time with specific learning goals. This would be aligned with a student’s long term career goals to further their skills and understanding. 

Provide a pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship program:

  1. Pre Apprenticeship: Training experiences that include a set of strategies to prepare students to enter and succeed in an apprenticeship program. A pre-apprenticeship program meets requirements set forth by the US Department of Labor.
  2. Apprenticeship: Provide on the job training with related technical or classroom instruction. Students are paid and employed by the employer or organization during the apprenticeship. It meets certain requirements set for by the US Department of Labor.

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Externship for teachers/staff
Host an educator or group of educators at your worksite for a professional development opportunity during the summer.

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Community class
Share your passion and expertise by teaching an evening or weekend class through the Community Engagement department.

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Special events/fairs
Be a resource of information at special events for the Ankeny community, such as a Mental Health Resource or Job Fair.

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Skilled volunteer
Leverage your professional skills by supporting teachers and staff with your time and expertise.

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Professional development
Lend your knowledge to teachers and staff with continuing education training and learning opportunities.

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Keynote speaker
Be a featured speaker at a student, community, or staff event and share your experience/message with others.

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Podcast guest
Participate as a guest on the “We are Ankeny” podcast with Ankeny Schools Superintendent Dr. Erick Pruitt.

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Participation in media requests
Participate as a district partner in district-identified media requests with the Chief of Communications.

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What opportunities are sharing TIME?

Contacts: Jessie Dirks / Samantha Aukes

Provide one-time and/or ongoing support with a variety of specific tasks ranging from reading with students to helping at special events; sign up via the district’s central volunteer hub.
Serve on a committee
Join district staff and community members to contribute input on important topics, i.e. post-secondary readiness, district calendar, student academic success. Interest forms are available annually.

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Create service learning opportunities (Silver Cord hours) for students
Support high school students in contributing to the community by sponsoring a service project appropriate for teenage volunteers. Contact silver cord reps: Will Dotson (CHS) or Nick Nelson (AHS)

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Joining an affiliated group (PTO, Boosters, Foundation, etc.)
Participate as a member of an organization working behind the scenes to support the district and its students; note that these are separate, non-district-sponsored organizations. View our volunteer portal

Ambassador/social media influencer (share district info on social media)
Help share essential information and good news about things happening across the district. Follow district social media accounts and share stories widely with your networks.

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