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The Ankeny Community School District enjoys a reputation as one of the premier school districts in Iowa and the midwest, with students, staff and parents unified in their efforts to excel in academics, athletics, the arts and activities. The pages in this section give an overview of general information, strategic planning, academics, finances, and more. They are designed to give you a snapshot of the performance of the school district.

Size and Location

The Ankeny Community School District is located in Polk County, Iowa, in the heart of the State of Iowa. Six miles from the capitol city of Des Moines, the district:

  • Has a 2018 state-certified enrollment of 11,977.02 students (View certified & projected enrollment here.)
  • Increase of 428.31 students from last year.
  • Is the 6th largest district in the state (total students served).
  • Has been one of the fastest-growing school districts in Iowa for more than a decade, averaging growth of 365 students annually for the last ten years.
  • Encompasses 16 school buildings in 51.93 square miles.
  • Has a K-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12 grade level structure.
  • Has more than 360,540 miles driven by buses per year.