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Current Construction Projects

High School
▪ Current additions 95% complete; majority remaining task focusing on organizing and outfitting classroom spaces
▪ Weight room

Parkview Middle School
▪ Renovation of classrooms; 80% complete
▪ Complete this fall
▪ Band/choir rooms, restrooms, front office, & locker room

Neveln Center
▪ Planned for demolition
▪ Site planned for new district office

Northview Re-Roofing
▪ December timeline for re-roofing

New Elementary School, ES#11
▪ Bidding to begin on site for new elementary school

About the Construction Department

Facility Construction and Development provides input and assistance in long-range facility planning, constructing facilities and real estate transactions. The department advises and acts on matters related to real estate holdings, planning for the location, design, development, and functional programming of future school facilities. The goal is to provide functional and attractive facilities that meet the long-term needs of the district in the most economical and cost-effective way. We focus on developing safe, practical, attractive, and functional learning environments that maximize learning, conserve energy, and respect the environment.

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Tim Simpkins Profile
Director of Construction and Operations
Hannah Leidal Profile
Construction, Operations and Safety Assistant