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Strategic Plan

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Beginning in 2010, members of the Ankeny Community including parents, business leaders, educators, students, alumni, religious leaders, retirees and others have joined together to create a district strategic plan for the future of the Ankeny Community School District. The goal of the process was not only to create a mission and vision for the immediate future, or one that reflected a particular administration, but one that was representative of the community and long-lasting – one which goals and objectives could be based for the long run.

The plan should not, however, be just a pretty mission and/or vision hanging on the wall. It should be an actionable plan that outlines how to achieve the mission and vision of the district and what to measure to ensure it is being fulfilled. The plan includes

  • A mission, vision, core values
  • A theory of action and strategic directions
  • Vision cards for measurement, and over time,
  • Past results as benchmarks.

This process is ongoing and will be revised over time to drive the focus, decisions and actions of the district. As more elements of this plan are developed or revised, the information will be found here.

View the Ankeny School District’s strategic plan


The school district mission statement reflects the commitment and focus of the organization. It focuses the daily actions of all members of the school district and defines our core purpose and direction. The core values influence the language, images and actions of the district. The vision statement articulates what our district and schools should look like in three to four years from now.

Mission (Our Core Purpose and Distinction)

Ankeny Community Schools is unified in its commitment, passion, and vision so every learner is prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal success.

Core Values (Drivers of Our Words and Actions)

Community – Learn and work together experiencing belonging, respect and collaboration
Challenge – Develop high expectations and rigor with accountability
Excellence – Pursue passionately world-class learning and continuous improvement
Inspiration – Nurture the diverse aspirations of all learners
Leadership – Model accountability to the district strategic road map, by acting intentionally, disciplined and compassionate in words and action

Vision (What We Intend to Create)

Ankeny Community Schools will establish a culture known for:

Achievement and Responsiveness whereby all students:

  • Are engaged in and accountable for their learning
  • Persist in achieving their potential and prepared for success beyond PreK-12
  • Are accessing individualized and challenging programming

Innovation and Professionalism whereby:

  • All staff are high quality provide authentic, engaging instruction with a clear focus on students and learning
  • All staff implement innovations which accelerate learning and assure success for all

Leadership and Unity whereby:

  • All embrace and are engaged in and utilizing the comprehensive strategic roadmap to guide every priority and decision
  • All operate with integrity

Strategic Directions (Prioritized Allocation of Resources)

  • Increased student learning and readiness
  • High-quality curriculum, instruction, and assessment in every classroom
  • Safe, welcoming and inclusive learning and working environment
  • Resource development and management; human resources, financial resources, and facilities
  • Family and community engagement and support

Theory of Action

Excellence in Management

Theory of Action For the District

  • If a unified community collaborates to enrich the school experience, and
  • If the Board of Education provides excellence in governance through policy development, operational oversight, self-governance, Superintendent relations and public engagement, and
  • If the Office of the Superintendent and administrators provide excellence in management through resource management, instructional leadership, performance management, continuous improvement, district procedures, and parent and community engagement, and
  • If the staff, parents, and public provide consultation to the Superintendent on issues of management and the Board of Education on governance, and

Theory of Action for Learning

  • If we demonstrate the belief that ALL students can and will learn, and
  • If we partner with parents and families to ensure student health and learning, and
  • If we approach instructional practices that address growth in both academics and behavior, and
  • If we engage students in learning within the formative assessment process, and
  • If we utilize the PLC process to differentiate learning for each and every child, and
  • If we communicate with parents regularly, and
  • If we engage in ongoing professional learning,

Every learner will be prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal success.

Thus, all strategy and action in the District 5-Year Operational Plan and the Annual School and Department Improvement Plans are to move towards the presence and practices of the Theory of Action in every classroom, district process, and service for continuous improvement. The goals and the measurement of that continuous improvement is defined and tracked through the VisionCard Performance Management System. This is communicated through Monitoring Reports up to the Board of Education and out to the community, schools, and into the school–based Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

Strategic Plan