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Weather Status

Here you will find a link to the National Weather Service website for the most accurate temperatures, heat index and wind chills.

National Weather Service

Generally, regular classes and recess typically take place when the heat index remains below 95 degrees. However, when the heat index reaches a range of 95 to 100 degrees, schools may contemplate reducing outdoor activity durations. If the heat index surpasses 100 degrees, it would be advisable to suspend outdoor activities entirely due to the extreme heat.

Conversely, in situations where the temperature and/or wind chill factor registers at 0 degrees or colder, as determined by the National Weather Service, students will not be allowed to partake in outdoor recess activities, and safety patrol duties will also be suspended. Should the recess supervisors perceive that conditions are too frigid for students to be outside, they are authorized to promptly relocate students indoors. It is essential for students to be appropriately attired to cope with the prevailing weather conditions.