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Facility Master Plan

Facility Master Plan Flier


Develop a long-range plan for district facilities that is structured to maximize community participation, will be grounded in district data, research, and best practices, and will provide the necessary information to ensure that current and future facilities meet the needs of our students and community.


The updated strategic plan contains several objectives connected to school facilities and long-range planning. In order to meet these objectives, we will engage in a process of facilities master planning. This process will be structured: 

  • To maximize community participation
  • Be grounded in data and research
  • To ensure current and future facilities meet the needs of our students and community

Desired Outcomes

The facilities master planning process has four desired outcomes:

  1. Grade-level Configuration: Our current grade level configuration is K-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12. The facility master planning process will determine the grade-level configuration that best supports student learning and maximizes facility usage. 
  2. Future Facility Needs: Determine the facilities and land needed to support 21st-century learning and student exploration of college and career pathways.
  3. Boundaries: Develop new boundaries to accommodate future planning and the opening of the new elementary in 2024. 
  4. Renovations & Construction: Determine renovations to current facilities and what construction of new facilities is needed.

The new facilities master plan will provide an incredible opportunity for Ankeny Community Schools to build on its tradition of excellence and to set the standard for high-quality student experiences, opportunities, and achievement. 

Belief Statements

Finance Belief Statements:

The district is responsible for being good stewards of the community’s educational investment by making financial decisions which enable educators to create adaptive learning environments for students who will need to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world into the future.
The district is responsible for using the multiple financial resources available efficiently and ethically while creating an environment that evolves and supports innovative learning and keeps its community informed throughout the process as partners.

Academic Belief Statements:

The district is responsible for creating multiple learning environments that are innovative, flexible & adaptable to allow for ever-changing post-graduate & career paths. The district must meet the social & emotional needs of all students- cultivating a culture to promote safety, where students thrive and all stakeholders are involved.

The district will prepare students for diverse post-secondary opportunities, by providing innovative learning techniques & strategic partnerships.

Facility Belief Statements:

The district is committed to ensuring all facilities are inviting, safe and equitable, will utilize space to ensure ideal class size and develop sustainable, long-term boundaries while also providing innovative facilities that can be configured to promote optimal learning and staffing considerations.

The district is responsible for providing safe and modern facilities to maximize student experience, leveraging our existing footprint, while ensuring district infrastructure provides flexibility for future needs.