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Facility Rentals

The Ankeny Community School District facilities and buildings are owned, maintained, and supported by the public. The Board of Education actively seeks to promote and respond to the educational, recreational, civic, and cultural needs of its community through the total resources of the community schools. However, all school facilities have been primarily erected and maintained for the use of the students of Ankeny Schools and shall not be used for another purpose that will conflict with that use (Board Policy 1004.40).

The district requires at least a two-week notice and reserves the right to deny, move, cancel, and postpone any activity.

Prices will vary depending on the requested space and what type of group and/or activity. A $100 deposit or greater is required prior to receiving access to a facility for community rental. The following applies to Classes 3 and 4: Custodial hires will be required at 50 attendants or over,  and any event held in a gym.

**All renters will be required to have a two million dollar insurance policy.


Requests for public rentals now open for events October-July!  Public access during the week does not begin until 6:01pm for an elementary building, and 7:00pm for a secondary building.  Please click link here: Facility Request Form

Important Note: Payments including deposits will only be accepted via credit card in person by appointment.  If a check is preferred please tell the facilities scheduler so appropriate processes may be implemented.




Community Renter Responsibility

Facilities Use Handbook

  • Read and adhere to the Facility Use Handbook.
  • Provide proof of insurance prior to rental confirmation.  (Facility Use Handbook page 7)
  • Provide proof of identification

Questions about renting school district spaces? Please contact the facilities scheduler in the Ankeny Community Engagement department from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM at (515) 965-9604 x54970.

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