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First Student Bus Barn: 515.965.9615

Is my child eligible for bussing?

The Ankeny Community School District partners with First Student, Inc. to provide student transportation services for eligible students. Students are eligible for transportation if they:

  • Live two miles or more from their elementary or middle school
  • Live three miles away from their high school
  • Live in what is considered a hazard zone.
    • Hazard zones apply to elementary students only
    • Evaluated yearly and updated throughout the year due to road construction projects and/or construction of new housing.

Examples of factors used to determine hazard zones: 

  • Presence or absence of crossing guards
  • Presence or absence of traffic control devices (stop signs, stop lights, crosswalks, etc.)
  • The need for a student to cross four (4) or more lanes of traffic
  • Posted speed limit
  • Absence of a continuous sidewalk (applies to both elementary and secondary students)

Find your address eligibility:

Please use the Address Look-Up tool to check for bus eligibility based on your home address.

  • Address look-up tool should be considered as a reference only.
  • ACSD and First Student uses Versatrans routing software to make definitive determinations of bus eligibility. This software is in alignment with Iowa Code Chapter 285 which contains regulations regarding student transportation.

For more information about Transportation please view our most recent Student and Parent Handbook.