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October 29, 2021

Congratulations Southview SCIBA & Honor Band students

Sciba honor band students

SCIBA Members: Top Row Left to Right: Luke Miller – Blue Band – Trumpet 10th chair Irisa McCracken – Blue Band – Flute 1st chair Sareena Casady – Blue Band – Clarinet 7th chair Kyra Swenson – Blue Band – Flute 6th chair Bryant Warren – Blue Band – Trumpet 9th chair Bottom Row Left to Right: Logan Rolling – White band – Trombone 3rd chair Allison Muehr – Blue Band – French Horn – 1st chair Gabe Vesperman – Blue Band – Tuba 3rd chair Anders Repp – Blue Band – Euphonium 1st chair Jonah Nye – White Band – Alto Sax – 3rd chair


On Tuesday, October 5, Southview Middle School had (10) 8th grade students audition, which is the maximum amount of students allowed to audition for district honor band. Out of those 10 students to audition for the South Central Iowa Bandmasters Association (SCIBA) District Honor Band, all 10 students were selected to participate in the SCIBA District Honor Band Festival!

8 of the 10 students were selected to participate in the SCIBA Blue Band, which is comprised of the best quality 8th grade auditioned students, and 2 students were selected for the White band, which is comprised of high quality 8th grade auditioned students and top nominated 7th graders.

The event will be held on Tuesday, November 2 at Ankeny Centennial High School. Southview is one of only two school districts out of the South Central Iowa district to have all 10 students.

Sciba honor band 8th graders

Left to Right: Irisa McCracken – Flute Allison Muehr – French Horn Anders Repp

All-Iowa 8th Grade Honor Band Members:

Additionally, Southview had three students selected to participate in the All-Iowa 8th Grade Honor Band in May 2022. These three students were selected as 1st chair in the Blue Band over all the students who auditioned on the same instrument. Our 3 All-Iowa 8th Grade Band Members will represent Southview Middle School and SCIBA as the top 8th grade musicians on their instrument in the whole state of Iowa, alongside the other top 8th grade musicians across the state from the other 5 district honor bands!