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Complaint Procedure

Filing a Complaint

A Complainant who wishes to avail himself/herself of this grievance procedure may do so by filing a complaint with the Equity Director (Investigator). The alternate is Jessica Dirks, Chief Officer of Legal Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, at An alternate will be designated in the event it is claimed that the Investigator or superintendent committed the alleged discrimination or some other conflict of interest exists. Complaints shall be filed within 20 days (twenty) of the event giving rise to the complaint or from the date the Complainant could reasonably become aware of such occurrence. The Complainant will state the nature of the complaint and the remedy requested. The Investigator shall assist the Complainant as needed.


Within 2 (two) working days from receipt of the complaint unless there are extenuating circumstances, the Equity Coordinator will begin the investigation of the complaint and/or appoint a qualified person to undertake the investigation (hereinafter “Equity Coordinator”). If the Complainant is under 18 years of age, the Equity Coordinator shall notify the Complainant’s parent(s) that they may attend investigatory meetings in which the Complainant is involved. The complaint and identity of the Complainant, Respondent, and/or witnesses will only be disclosed as reasonably necessary in connection with the investigation or as required by law or policy. The investigation may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • A request for the Complainant to provide a written statement regarding the nature of the complaint; 
  • A request for the individual named in the complaint to provide a written statement; 
  • A request for witnesses identified during the course of the investigation to provide a written statement;
  • Interviews of the Complainant, Respondent, and/or witnesses;
  • An opportunity to present witnesses or other relevant information; and
  • Review and collection of documentation or information deemed relevant to the investigation.

Within 15 (fifteen) working days unless there are extenuating circumstances, the Investigator shall complete the investigation and issue a report with respect to the findings.

The Investigator shall notify the Complainant and Respondent of the decision within 5 (five) working days of completing the written report. Notification shall be by U.S. mail, first class.

Decision and Appeal

The complaint is closed after the Investigator has issued the report, unless within 10 (ten) working days after receiving the decision, either party appeals the decision to the superintendent/designee by making a written request detailing why the Complainant believes the decision should be reconsidered. The Investigator shall promptly forward all materials relative to the complaint and appeal to the superintendent/designee.

Within 10 (ten) working days, the superintendent/designee shall affirm, reverse, amend the decision, or direct the Investigator to gather additional information. The superintendent/designee shall notify the Complainant, Respondent, and the Investigator of the decision within 5 (five) working days of the decision. Notification shall be by U.S. mail, first class.

The decision of the superintendent/designee shall be final.

The decision of the superintendent/designee in no way prejudices a party from seeking redress through state or federal agencies as provided in law.

This policy and procedures are to be used for complaints of discrimination, in lieu of any other general complaint policies or procedures that may be available.

If any of the stated time frames cannot be met by the district, the district will notify the parties and pursue completion as promptly as possible.

Retaliation against any person, because the person has filed a complaint or assisted or participated in an investigation, is prohibited. Persons found to have engaged in retaliation shall be subject to discipline by appropriate measures.