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Summit is an intensive secondary intervention program intended for students who display the highest risk of not earning a high school diploma. Students are eligible for Summit if they have been identified at-risk through the districts identification process and meet certain criteria. Curricular offerings include independent student, project based learning, direct instruction and online Edgenuity coursework. A connection to the student’s career interest is also a key component of the Summit program; each student will have a Personal Education Plan developed with a team of support personnel to include the student, teachers, counselors, family and other student-identified support personnel. Counselors, administrators, and drop-out prevention teachers work collaboratively to determine appropriate placement to this program. Summit is facilitated by a principal, four content specialists (Science, Social Studies, Math and English/Language Arts), a counselor and a special education instructor.

Summit Hours:
7:45am-3:45pm (Monday-Friday)

District Office
306 SW School St.
(515) 963-7440