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Modern Language Heather Carlson

Salut mes amis!  My name is Heather Carlson, French teacher at Southview and AHS.  I grew up in Indiana and earned a BA from DePauw University and M.Ed. from the University of Idaho.  In college, I studied abroad in France during my junior year and was fortunate to travel throughout France, studying one semester in Paris and one semester in Strasbourg.

After college, I participated in a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in Arras, France. I have taught various levels in French and have served as a summer teacher guide for students travelling to France. I truly love sharing my interest and passion for the French language and cross-cultural discoveries.

My adventurous spirit has also taken me to live in Oregon, Minnesota, Idaho, Texas and the birthplace of my two daughters, Iowa! I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughters in the outdoors, gardening, and cooking up concoctions in the kitchen. I’m grateful to be serving in a district that is a leader in modern language and travel abroad offerings!

Photo of Heather Carlson