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Science Jackie Holland

My name is Jackie Holland and I teach 6th grade science at Parkview. I attended Waldorf College and Simpson College for my undergraduate work in elementary education and Buena Vista University for my Master’s degree in School Guidance and Counseling. Prior to teaching here in Ankeny, I taught in Marshalltown. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, being outside, reading a good book, traveling, golf and volleyball.

In 6th grade science, you will learn concepts from three science domains: physical, earth and life science. Students will develop models of how atoms create molecules and how they are altered by physical and chemical changes in physical science. Earth science will have students constructing an explanation about how Earth’s surface is constantly changing. You’ll learn about the processes that change Earth’s surface and the landforms that are created from those processes. In life science, students will develop models of cells and show how cells make up organs and living things. They will also construct an explanation showing how some organisms have identical offspring while others don’t.

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