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Strategic Plan Data Summaries

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Additional dashboards will continue to be added as they are developed. If you have questions about the data appearing in the dashboard please contact your child’s school.

Pillar1 dashboard 01

All ACSD students will graduate prepared for postsecondary success.

According to our strategic plan, Ankeny Community School District believes the following measures will help indicate readiness for postsecondary success.

Career Exploration Dashboard

100% of PK-12 students will engage in a variety of authentic career exploration experiences each year.

As our district works to expand the ways in which students can explore post-secondary opportunities, we are working to intentionally align learning that happens at all grade levels with student investigation of an array of careers. Experiences like field trips, work-based learning, internships, career exploration camps, and CTE courses are likely to be included in this measure.

Postsecondary Course Enrollment Dashboard

Cumulative enrollment in courses focused on postsecondary readiness (concurrent enrollment, AP, honors, and CTE) in SYY27-28 will be 5% higher than in SY22-23.

Our district tracks the total number of students enrolled in courses that are explicitly connected to / focused on postsecondary readiness, such as Advanced Placement (AP), Concurrent Enrollment (DMACC), Honors, and Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses. An increase in the number of students enrolled in these courses is an indicator of success in our work to prepare students for postsecondary readiness.

Postsecondary Plans Dashboard

100% of students in grades 6-12 will have postsecondary plans that are flexible and reflective of their career interests, goals, and aspirations.

All secondary students will engage in postsecondary planning activities documented in Naviance, our district’s college and career readiness tool. These plans are not set in stone but help guide students – and the staff supporting them – on their path to success after high school.

Challege Based Learning Dashboard

Each year, 100% of PK-12 learners will participate in at least one challenge-based learning experience (project-based learning that emphasizes 21st Century skills and use of technology) that emphasizes real world learning and critical thinking.

The district’s mission is to equip all students with the skills to flourish in and contribute to an ever-changing world. Challenge-based learning provides opportunities to deepen critical thinking, problem solving, and technology skills – all of which are essential to achieving this mission.

Academic Standards Dashboard

100% of students will meet or exceed academic standards.

Our district is committed to ensuring all students master foundational academic skills. By measuring how many of the state standards our K-7th grade students meet and by measuring how many of our 8th – 12th grade students earn a grade of at least B- in each of their classes, we learn more about our progress in this area.

Pillar2 dashboard 01

ACSD will have an effective teacher in every classroom, an effective leadership team in every building, and an effective, student-focused staff working across the district.

According to our strategic plan, Ankeny Community School District believes the following measures will demonstrate our staff’s effectiveness, particularly when it comes to supporting student learning.

Staff Retention Dashboard

The district will retain 85% of its employees who meet performance expectations.

The district is committed to creating an environment in which staff can grow and build meaningful careers. While we know there will always be some attrition as people retire or move on to new opportunities, we strive to be an employer of choice, a place where a strong majority of our staff will return to work each year.

Pillar3 dashboard 01

Every ACSD student will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a collaborative, dynamic, and secure environment.

According to our strategic plan, the Ankeny Community School District believes the following measures will help us understand whether our students and staff are learning and working in a collaborative, dynamic, and secure environment.

Conditions for Learning Dashboard

Each school will implement a tiered social-emotional learning / mental health structure to connect students, parents, and staff with targeted support.

As Ankeny Schools effectively implements a supportive structure, positive impact should be seen in the student Conditions for Learning results.

Student Code of Conduct Dashboard

All schools will implement the district’s Student Code of Conduct and ensure staff and students have access to mental health resources via school counselors, social workers, and/or external service providers to support their success in the district.

Our Student Code of Conduct helps ensure consistency in how student behavior concerns are addressed; monitoring its implementation across the district helps us understand how this tool is being used to address student discipline.

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