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November 17, 2023

Superintendent Pruitt’s District Update: Advancing Towards an Innovative Future


Somehow, we are already nearing the end of first semester. I’m excited to share some updates on the continuing work from the district’s Facility Master Plan. I also want to share a tentative timeline for the coming steps in this plan.

This semester, the district team has worked to hire an architect, construction manager, and business consultant to design and build the innovative hub.

Space: The architect and construction manager will be on the November 20 school board agenda for consideration. This is the first step in working toward the design of the space.

Programming: The business consultant, Ankeny firm BizLab, is assisting the district with the design thinking process to develop the programming housed in the innovative hub. More information about the timeline to open these programs is below.

The other piece that goes hand-in-hand with the innovative hub is the grade level configuration changes to move to a K-5, 6-8, 9-12 model. The district is currently in Phase One of a three-phase process to change the grade-level configuration.

Phase One: analysis of the middle school program, including academic and athletics/activities

Phase Two: development of a middle school facility plan that will support the middle school program

Phase Three: development of boundaries for each of the four middle schools

So when will this all take place? I’m glad you asked. Our current thinking is:

2023-2024 Second Semester: Continue work on the innovative hub program design and facility needs; Complete Phase One and Two of the grade level configuration changes

2024-2025: Complete the architectural design of the innovative hub; Complete Phase Three of the grade level configuration changes; Convene middle school boundary committee; Board discussion and vote on new middle school boundaries

2025-2026: First Semester: Complete the needed renovation or construction for the innovative hub

2027-2028: Open the Innovation Hub; Complete secondary renovations to support the grade-level configuration changes

2028-2029: Implement the grade configuration changes and new middle school boundaries

We will continue to update you as the work progresses toward these important milestones.