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December 15, 2023

Unlocking Opportunities: School-to-Work Teachers Host Successful Real Estate Speed Networking Workshop with Iowa Realty


On December 13, the School-to-Work teachers, Kevin Andrews and Michael Mertz, organized a real estate speed networking workshop in collaboration with Iowa Realty. The aim was to expose high school students to various career possibilities after graduation. Recognizing the substantial interest in real estate among approximately 20 students, the teachers decided to create an in-house experience. This workshop allowed students to gain insights into different facets of the real estate industry, such as commercial, residential, fix and flips, wholesale, financing, and more. Moreover, it provided an opportunity for students to network with professionals, potentially leading to job shadowing experiences aligned with their interests.

I had the opportunity to converse with several students and two real estate professionals, and here are their responses to the questions I posed.

  1. Ellie Lorenz expressed her interest in a real estate career, citing the appeal of helping people find their forever homes and avoiding the confinement of an office.
  2. Mya found the entirety of real estate intriguing. She emphasized her interest in the marketing side and the prospect of meeting diverse people.
  3. Avagail Ochoa outlined her plans to explore a successful realtor’s lifestyle. She mentioned considering taking a gap year before pursuing real estate courses.
  4. Rylie Whitinger envisioned the randomness of a typical day in her ideal real estate career, ranging from office paperwork to showing houses.
  5. Krymsin Graff highlighted the crucial skills for success in the real estate industry, emphasizing the importance of time management and organization.
  6. Brody Miller from CHS connected his interest in real estate to the opportunity to connect with people, learn about businesses, and contribute to their success.
  7. Jodie Hawley, a realtor, advised high school students to determine whether they prefer working individually or in a team, emphasizing the benefits of joining a brokerage with a team.
  8. Oscar Anderson shared his plan to intern with a friend’s dad who owns a real estate firm, focusing on marketing through social media.
  9. Perrin Hyder’s interest in real estate was sparked during the pandemic when he and his dad fixed up a rental house, leading to a profitable sale.
  10. Cameron Kelly expressed interest in the commercial aspect of real estate, particularly property management and ownership.
  11. Caden Hite outlined his educational path, planning to attend DMACC for a business transfer degree before majoring in real estate.
  12. Jack Whitmore envisioned a dynamic and community-focused career, expressing interest in the investment side of commercial properties.
  13. William Adams emphasized the importance of financial knowledge for success in real estate, aligning with his plan to pursue finance at Iowa.
  14. Connie Brown, a realtor, shared insights into the varied educational pathways to becoming a realtor, noting the diversity of experiences and the practical aspects of licensing requirements.

These interviews provided a diverse range of perspectives, showcasing the multifaceted nature of interests and career paths within the real estate industry. We appreciate Iowa Realty for dedicating time to engage with our Ankeny students and providing them with valuable insights into potential career paths.