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September 21, 2023

Get to Know the Ankeny Board of Education Student Representatives

Student board reps

In Ankeny schools, fostering a sense of community and providing a platform for student voices to be heard is crucial. The Ankeny Board of Education has taken a proactive step in ensuring students have input in the decision-making process through its student representatives. Let’s get to know these young leaders who are helping shape the future of Ankeny Schools.

Megan – A Senior at Ankeny High School

Megan, a high school senior at Ankeny High School, is one of the student representatives on the Ankeny Board of Education. Her journey to this position began as she approached her senior year and reflected on the incredible opportunities and support she had received from Ankeny Schools throughout her education.

Megan’s motivation to apply for the position was driven by her desire to give back to the school community and serve as a representative of the student body. She aims to ensure that current and future students have the same exceptional experience she has had during her time in Ankeny Schools.

As a student board representative, Megan is most excited about the opportunity to provide students with a voice in board meetings and decision-making processes. She believes that having a student’s perspective will bring a unique angle to discussions and contribute to the overall development and betterment of the school system.

Megan is not just active in her role as a student representative; she’s also a dedicated member of the varsity volleyball team and a part of the esteemed National Honor Society. Beyond her school commitments, Megan runs a community organization called “Ankeny Teacher Giveback.” The organization’s mission is to provide teachers with additional resources to obtain supplies for their classrooms, a noble endeavor that showcases Megan’s commitment to education and community welfare.

Kalyani – A 10th Grader at Ankeny Centennial High School

Kalyani, a sophomore at Ankeny Centennial High School, brings a fresh perspective to the Ankeny Board of Education as another student representative. Her journey into this leadership role was driven by a desire to advocate for the student body and experience a position of leadership that she had not explored before.

For Kalyani, the role of a student school board representative presented a unique opportunity to voice the need for positive changes within the school environment. She was keen to be a part of a team that could help create a better educational experience for all students in Ankeny.

What excites Kalyani the most about her role is the chance to connect with diverse groups of students and understand their perspectives and ideas for the future. She believes that representing the entire student body accurately is essential, and she eagerly anticipates engaging with a wide range of students to voice their opinions on important matters.

Kalyani is not only committed to her role as a student representative but also actively participates in various school and community activities. Her involvement in tennis, Student Council, Mock Trial, and volunteering highlights her dedication to her school and community, making her a well-rounded and enthusiastic student leader.

In Megan and Kalyani, the Ankeny Board of Education has two dedicated and passionate student representatives who are eager to make a positive impact on their school community. We look forward to witnessing the positive changes they will bring to the educational landscape in Ankeny!